STORY Thrives on Volunteers

Story needs your help. Those who take great pleasure in ushering in the first story for others to experience STORY. There are numerous ways for you to serve and be a part of the STORY 2022 gathering and the collective as a whole.

If you are willing to serve throughout the entire gathering, that is ideal for everyone’s experience. Please note that those who serve during conference days may have the opportunity at times to step in the content experiences, but full understanding that serving is priority.

Find Your Place

  • Greeters Team: Creating a welcoming atmosphere and a positive story that ensures a seamless experience for the attendee.
  • Breakout / Experience Team: Coordinating the implementation of immersive experiences for the attendee. This could be but not limited to: Q&A, reflective spaces, interactive experiences, etc.
  • Logistics / Load In & Out Team: Organizing the details and developing the systems to help our teams function smoothly & efficiently while onsite. Trucking, labor, and organization.
  • Meals Team: Coordinating meals, snacks and food for attendees and guests.
  • Merchandise Team: Coordinating setup and sales for merchandise at the gathering.
  • Registration Team: Being one of the first faces for the attendee experience, acclimate them to the gathering, and coordinate their integration into the space. NOTE: Pre-conference registration starts on Wednesday evening.
  • Signage Team: Coordinate signage for all teams so that the attendee experience is intuitive and peaceful.

Unless otherwise noted, most positions are needed for Thursday and Friday from 7 am until 5 pm.



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